How much protein do we really need?

Protein and Weight Loss

There are a lot of weight loss diets that recommend protein to help lose weight. There is a low protein diet. There is a high protein diet and the even higher protein diet. How much protein do we really need? Which is best? What foods contain it? Does exercising more create more need for protein? It is true that protein at the right levels and from the right source can trigger fat burning hormones such as glucagon and growth hormone. The more active you are the more protein you need.

What is protein? Protein is made up of twenty building blocks called amino acids. Of those twenty the body makes eleven nonessential amino acids. The other nine are called essential amino acids and must be supplied by what we eat. There are two kinds of dietary proteins, complete and incomplete. Animal and soy proteins are complete because they contain all nine essential amino acids. Plants like vegetables, nuts, fruits and legumes are incomplete because they lack one or more essential amino acid. This is why if you plan to get your protein (amino acids) from plants, you need to eat a variety of these foods.

Protein can help to curb your appetite which helps with weight loss. Protein plays an important role in our bodies. Proteins provide essential building blocks to repair cells that die and slough off of hair, bones, skin, vital organs and any function of the body. Protein at the right levels and balance can help regulate sleep and support hormones.

For all these functions the body needs complete proteins. Our body can also receive the protein it needs by eating a variety of plant products throughout the day. These can supply our needs without eating animal or soy products. Eating a combination of plant proteins and amino acids will provide the body with the essential nutrients to build the protein needed for growth and function. Protein is, again, a branch chain of amino acids which have been broken down in the stomach before they can be assimilated into the body.

It takes a lot of energy to break the protein amino acid bonds. Plant foods supply the amino acids already broken down, and are much more easily assimilated into the blood to be used to repair the cells and also to help with function. The amount of protein one needs varies with the activity of that person during the day. By eating more plant protein based protein we avoid what the animal protein comes with. Animal proteins are full of hormones in most cases, unless organic. They help the animal grow larger, lay more eggs. Antibiotics are used to keep the animal from dying due to the closeness of the population they are raised in.

When we eat the animal that has been injected with antibiotics, we are in a sense ingesting-taking the drug which is like always being on the drug. This will kill the good bacteria that are there to help in digesting food. When healthy bacteria are killed off, yeast can grow and spread throughout the body causing many symptoms including weight gain.

The animal based proteins that are the easiest and less stressful to digest would be fish and then chicken. the other meats-beef, pork,and other four legged animals-are very acidic and cause inflammation and joint damage may occur. There are many alternatives to eating animal proteins-such as whey. The Herbalogica products that we carry in our office are lactose and dairy free and the whey in the meal replacement shakes taste amazing.

How much protein do we need? The RDA recommends 0.4 grams per pound of ideal body weight. Note: ideal body weight is where you should be, not necessarily what your weight is now. To figure out the protein grams you need simply multiply your weight by 0.4. For a person that weighs 200 pounds that’s 80 grams. That’s four small cans of tuna fish per day. For a 170 pound man it would equal 68 grams. For a woman weighing 135 pounds, that is 54 grams of protein. If you are more active during the day, you may require more protein, from 0.6 to 0.7 grams multiplied by your ideal body weight. This can include more dense green foods and supplementing your diet with the Herbalogica shake to fulfill your needs if you want to avoid animal products.

Weekly Testimonial

This week’s success is from Denver.

“I originally wanted to participate in Dr. Lanes Weight Loss Program because of the body detox, and it’s overall health benefits. What I found was, that it worked better then any weight loss supplement, or shredded stack system (before the beach), that I have ever tried. All Noticeable within the first week. The first few days were difficult adjusting to the diet, about day 5 or 6 I started to get my everyday energy back, felt healthy, and at walmart I literally bought all my food on this program for 30 dollars a week. This system is a win win, and I Guarantee I’ll continue to follow Dr. Lane’s guidelines to keep my metabolism high, and my body fat low. I lost 10 pounds in 20 days and feel better with more energy than I can remember. I had been out of the country for 2 years in South America and was suffering from all sorts of health issues from living there. My Medical Doctor had blood tests done and wanted to administer antibiotics. Dr. Lane told me to give this a try first. He was confident it would restore my body not only to it’s healthy weight but give me the energy and health I wanted. As all I can say is WOW. What a great program”


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Dr. Eric Lane

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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