Weekly Health Update #154

Mental Attitude: Exercising Your Memory.
To help individuals keep their minds sharp at any age, experts from the Harvard Medical School recommend learning a new skill or language, taking up a new hobby, reading books, and solving puzzles.
Harvard Medical School, May 2015
Health Alert: Don’t Wear Heels at Home!
According to researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, half of high heel-related injuries occur at home. This suggests that a simple strategy for women to reduce their risk of injury is to simply wear more appropriate footwear around the house.
University of Alabama at Birmingham, May 2015
Diet: Can a South African Diet Reduce Colon Cancer Risk Among Americans?
Based on the dramatic effects observed when American and South African volunteers swapped diets for just two weeks, researchers suggest that a diet high in fiber and low in fat could possibly reduce an individual’s risk for developing colon cancer. After fourteen days on the high-fiber, low-fat South African diet, the American group had significantly less inflammation in the colon along with a reduction in biomarkers associated with colon cancer risk. Meanwhile, tests on the African group showed the opposite, indicating a dramatic increase in cancer risk after just two weeks on the high-protein, low-fiber American diet. According to the study’s authors, one could achieve similar results by increasing their fiber intake to 50 grams per day.
Nature Communications, April 2015
Exercise: Cardio May Help Slow Down Aging in the Brain.
The findings of a new study suggest that cardiorespiratory exercise could be prescribed to lessen age-related declines in brain structure. Researchers found that cardiorespiratory fitness was positively linked to the structural integrity of white matter in the brains of the older adults. They write, “We hope this study provides additional motivation for older adults to increase their levels of physical activity, which positively impacts health, mood, cognition and the brain.”
Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, April 2015
Chiropractic: How Physical Inactivity Affects the Spine.
MRI scans conducted on 72 older adults found that physical inactivity can be detrimental to the spine. Researchers observed the intervertebral disks of those with low physical activity levels appeared to be shorter than the disks of those who were more physically active. Previous research suggests a reduction in disk height is associated with a greater risk for back pain. The researchers also found the lumbar stabilizing muscles of inactive participants were more likely to have fatty deposits, suggesting compromised function.
Arthritis Research & Therapy, May 2015
Wellness/Prevention: How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet.
Wearing a helmet when cycling is vital for both young and old riders to prevent head injuries, but it is important that a helmet fits properly. The Cleveland Clinic suggests the following: the helmet’s padding should fit snuggly, it should sit level and not move in any direction, look for the Consumer Product Safety Commission sticker when buying a helmet, and a pre-owned helmet should only be worn if it has no cracks or breaks and was made after 1999.

The Cleveland Clinic, May 2015
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