Weekly Health Update #301

Mental Attitude: Behavior in High School Predicts Success Later in Life.
Beginning in 1960, researchers followed the progress of 1,952 students and found that those who demonstrated being a responsible student, showed an interest in school, and had good reading and writing skills were more likely to continue their education and attain more prestigious jobs over the following five decades. Lead author Dr. Marion Spengler writes, “This study highlights the possibility that certain behaviors at crucial periods could have long-term consequences for a person’s life.”
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, February 2018

Health Alert: Does Diabetes Increase Osteoarthritis Risk?
Diabetes and osteoarthritis (OA) commonly occur together, but it’s unknown if diabetes increases the risk for OA or if they just happen to share common risk factors. In this study, researchers reviewed data from 40 published studies and found little evidence to suggest that impaired glucose metabolism is an independent risk factor for OA.
Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism, February 2018

Diet: Two Healthy Diets Equally Benefit the Heart.
In a new study, researchers followed 107 overweight participants who ate either a low-calorie vegetarian diet that included dairy and eggs or a low-calorie Mediterranean diet for three months. At the end of the study, the research team observed that participants on either diet each lost about three pounds (1.36 kg) of body fat and about four pound (1.81 kg) of weight overall. Study lead author Dr. Francesco Sofi notes, “[The] take-home message of our study is that a low-calorie lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet can help patients reduce cardiovascular risk about the same as a low-calorie Mediterranean diet.”
Circulation, February 2018

Exercise: Gut Benefits from Exercise.
In a recent study, 36 college students completed an eight-week exercise program that involved cycling, jogging, step aerobics classes, and circuit training. Samples of the participants’ gut microbiome taken during the program revealed greater microbial diversity, which can benefit the body in a number of ways. The findings suggest that exercise could be used as a means for improving gut health in persons with health challenges, such as diabetes, and autoimmune diseases like lupus and allergies.
Northern Arizona University, February 2018

Chiropractic: Altered Trunk Muscles May Cause Back Pain.
Using electromyography (EMG), researchers measured trunk muscle activity during lifting among 25 patients with recurrent low back pain (but without current back pain) and 20 asymptomatic individuals. The data show differences in the activity of several trunk muscles (transversus abdominis/internal abdominal oblique and multifidus) during lifting between the two groups. This suggests that patients with a history of back pain may benefit from specific rehabilitation exercises to address these issues.
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, February 2018

Wellness/Prevention: Bystander Use of an AED Significantly Increases Odds of Surviving Cardiac Arrest.
Automated external defibrillator (AED) can be found in most public spaces, and a new study suggests that individuals in cardiac arrest are almost twice more likely to survive if a bystander administered the AED before first responders arrived.
Circulation, February 2018

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