Weekly Health Update #327

Mental Attitude: Stigma of Autism Can Affect Psyche.
Social stigma may play a significant role in depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues experienced by individuals with autism spectrum disorder. In a study involving 111 autistic adults, researchers found that 72% of psychological distress reported by participants was due to social stigma such as discrimination and rejection. Study author Dr. Monique Botha writes, “We already suspected there would be a significant impact of discrimination on the mental health of the autistic population, it’s just that no one’s really studied the impact of that before… The only thing we were surprised by was how potentially strong a relationship there was… To put it colloquially, it blew our minds.”
Society and Mental Health, October 2018

Health Alert: A Dangerous Synthetic Opioid Now Showing Up in Crack Cocaine.
Fentanyl-laced crack cocaine is causing life-threatening overdoses. According to researchers, within a four-day period, 18 patients in a Philadelphia hospital were treated for an apparent opioid overdose after using crack cocaine. Lead study author Dr. Utsha Khatri explains, “None of them had intended to use opioids or fentanyl, but their drug testing as well as their clinical presentation argued they had been exposed to pretty high doses of fentanyl.” Fentanyl has been increasingly found in drugs including heroin and cocaine, as well as methamphetamine, ketamine, and counterfeit prescription pills. Emily Feinstein, the executive vice president of the Center on Addiction concludes, “We’re really in a fentanyl epidemic right now… Overdose death rates are really driven by fentanyl.”
New England Journal of Medicine, October 2018

Diet: Plant-Based Diets Are a Great Option for Type 2 Diabetics.
A review of data from eleven clinical trials involving diabetics has identified an association between adopting a plant-based diet and improved physical and emotional quality of life.
BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, October 2018

Exercise: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Linked to Vitamin D Levels.
Among a group of 1,995 adults, researchers found that those with higher vitamin D serum levels also tended to have better cardiorespiratory fitness than participants with sub-optimal vitamin D readings. Researcher Dr. Amr Marawan adds, “Our study shows that higher levels of vitamin D are associated with better exercise capacity… We also know from previous research that vitamin D has positive effects on the heart and bones. Make sure your vitamin D levels are normal to high. You can do this with diet, supplements, and a sensible amount of sun exposure.”
European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, October 2018

Chiropractic: A Frozen Shoulder Causes More Than Pain.
Adhesive capsulitis (AC), also known as frozen shoulder, is described as a painful restriction of the shoulder’s range of motion and about 3% of adults will develop the condition in their lifetime. In this study, researchers examined 148 adults, half of whom had AC, and identified a strong association between pain, anxiety, and sleep disturbance among those with frozen shoulder. The findings suggest that anxiety and disturbed sleep are common among patients with frozen shoulder and that conservative treatment, such as chiropractic care, aimed at reducing pain and improving range of motion may also improve sleep quality and anxiety levels in patients with the condition.
Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, October 2018

Wellness/Prevention: Prevent Swollen Gums.
Unhealthy gums are often swollen, red, and painful. Triggers for swollen gums usually include poor dental care, malnutrition, poorly fitted dentures, or side effects of a medication. To prevent swollen gums, the National Library of Medicine recommends the following: consume a balanced diet that includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables; skip foods that can lodge under the gums, such as popcorn or chips; avoid mouthwash that irritates your gums; brush and floss your teeth regularly; and visit your dentist or periodontist a minimum of every six months.
National Library of Medicine, November 2018

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