Weekly Health Update #357

Mental Attitude: Playing an Instrument Is Good for the Brain.
Cognitive assessments completed by 100 elementary school-aged children revealed an association between hours spent per week practicing a musical instrument and intellectual ability. The authors conclude, “The results suggest that the relationship between musical practice and intellectual ability is related to the maturation of white matter pathways in the auditory-motor system. The findings suggest that musical training may be a means of improving cognitive and brain health during development.”
Frontier in Psychology, May 2019

Health Alert: Women in Cardiac Arrest Are Less Likely to Get Help.
A review of data concerning more than 5,700 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests revealed that men were more likely than women to receive resuscitation attempts by bystanders (74% versus 69%), even if a bystander saw the person collapse.
European Heart Journal, May 2019

Diet: Dawn-to-Sunset Fasting May Benefit Obesity-Related Conditions.
In a pilot study involving 14 healthy individuals, researchers observed that fasting from sunrise to sunset for 30 days led to a significant increase in TPM3 gene expression, which is vital for increasing insulin sensitivity and managing blood glucose levels. Based on the findings, lead author Dr. Ayse Leyla Mindikoglu writes, “[We] believe that dawn-to-sunset fasting may provide a cost-effective intervention for those struggling with obesity-related conditions.”
Digestive Disease Week, May 2019

Exercise: Resistance Training at Work Reduces Upper Limb Injuries.
A small-scale study involving 120 manufacturing workers revealed that those who participated in a workplace resistance training exercise program were 38% less likely to develop a musculoskeletal disorder of the upper limbs than workers who performed stretching exercises.
Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, June 2019

Chiropractic: Neck Pain & Migraines.
Among a group of 142 patients with a history of migraines, those with concurrent neck pain reported 80% more migraine-related disability than participants without neck pain. The findings add to a growing body of research that suggests the neck plays a role in the migraine headache process, as previous studies have noted an association between cervical dysfunction and migraine intensity and frequency. Doctors of chiropractic are known to utilize spinal manipulation and exercise in the management of neck pain and migraine patients.
Cephalalgia, May 2019

Wellness/Prevention: Play It Safe with Wildlife.
National and local parks provide opportunities to see wild animals, and these situations come with risks and responsibilities, as wild animals can be dangerous and unpredictable. The National Park Service urges park-goers to follow these guidelines: observe wildlife from a distance, do not feed wild animals, keep children in sight at all times, store food properly, and do not set up camp near game trails.
National Park Service, June 2019

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