Weekly Health Update #374

Mental Attitude: Trouble with Your Teen? Maybe Change Your Tone.
In a study involving over 1,000 mom/teen pairs, researchers observed that children were more likely to successfully complete a task when their mothers gave instructions using a supportive tone. The authors of the study write, “If parents want conversations with their teens to have the most benefit, it’s important to remember to use supportive tones of voice. It’s easy for parents to forget, especially if they are feeling stressed, tired, or pressured themselves… These results nicely illustrate how powerful our voice is and that choosing the right tone to communicate is crucial in all of our conversations.”
Developmental Psychology, September 2019

Health Alert: Cancer Risk Increases for Those Overweight Before Age 40.
An analysis of data from the Me-Can study, which involved over 220,000 European adults, revealed that individuals who are overweight before age 40 have an elevated risk for several cancers, including endometrial cancer (70%), male renal-cell cancer (58%), and male colon cancer (29%).
International Journal of Epidemiology, October 2019

Diet: High-Fiber Diet Linked to Lower Heart Risk Among Diabetes Patients.
Past research has shown that type 2 diabetics with high blood pressure have an elevated risk for heart disease. A new study that involved 200 hypertensive type 2 diabetics revealed that those who consumed a high-fiber diet for six months experienced improvements with respect to their cholesterol and blood lipid levels, systolic blood pressure, and blood glucose readings.
American College of Cardiology, October 2019

Exercise: Health Benefits of Yoga.
Yoga is generally a safe way to increase physical activity that is linked to several health benefits. According to current research, yoga may reduce stress, relieve anxiety, help manage depression, improve quality of life in those with chronic conditions or acute illnesses, stimulate brain function, and help prevent heart disease.
Medical News Today, September 2019

Chiropractic: Neuromuscular Technique for Chronic Neck Pain.
During a ten-week clinical trial involving 40 patients with mechanical neck pain, those treated with a combination of therapeutic exercise and a manual therapy technique to reduce trigger points experienced greater improvements in neck muscle strength and endurance than participants in a therapeutic exercise-only group. This finding is important as the deep neck muscles are typically deconditioned in patients with mechanical neck pain and improving neck muscle strength and endurance is important for reducing pain, disability, and the risk for future episodes of neck pain. Doctors of chiropractic often use a combination of manual therapy techniques and exercise to treat patients with both acute and chronic neck pain.
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, July 2019

Wellness/Prevention: Healthy Lifestyle May Dramatically Cut Cancer Risk.
The World Cancer Research Fund notes that 30-50% of all cancer cases could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, eating a plant-based diet, not smoking, and limiting fast food, sugar-sweetened drink, red meat, and alcohol intake.
Visceral Medicine, August 2019

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