Weekly Health Update #377

Mental Attitude: Deep Sleep May Wash Toxins from the Brain.
According to a new study, activity in the brain changes during deep sleep in a manner that allows the cerebral spinal fluid to rinse out the waste products that can accumulate during the waking hours. Sleep medicine specialist Dr. Raman Malhotra writes, “[This may] help explain why individuals who don’t get enough sleep, or suffer from sleep disorders, are at higher risk of certain chronic health conditions.”
Science, October 2019

Health Alert: Is Noise a Risk Factor for High Blood Pressure?
Researchers analyzed health data concerning 21,403 workers with occupational noise exposure and found that those with mild bilateral high frequency hearing loss had 34% increased hypertension risk. Despite the finding, experts say that further research is needed before noise exposure becomes an official risk factor for hypertension.
PLOS ONE, October 2019

Diet: Soft Drinks Linked to Obesity and Tooth Wear.
A review of data concerning 3,541 American adults revealed an association between sugary beverage consumption and both obesity and tooth wear. Researchers Dr. Saoirse O’Toole writes, “This is an important message for [individuals] who are consuming calories through acidic sugar sweetened drinks. These drinks may be doing damage to their body and their teeth. There is also an important message for dentists. We should be asking our patients who are obese and have tooth wear what calories they are drinking as this may be having an effect on their full bodies—not just their teeth.”
Clinical Oral Investigations, October 2019

Exercise: Staying Active May Add Years to One’s Life.
Among a group of nearly 1,500 Brazilian seniors, researchers found that those with the highest daily physical activity levels were more likely to survive the following five years than the most sedentary participants.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, October 2019

Chiropractic: Are Weak Glutes a Cause of Back Pain?
Using data from 24 published studies involving over 2,000 adults, researchers report that individuals with weak and/or painful gluteus medius muscles have an elevated risk for low back pain. The finding suggests that the gluteus medius muscles may play a role in low back pain and should be assessed in low back pain patients. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to evaluate the hip and pelvic region to assess issues such as glute weakness.
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, October 2019

Wellness/Prevention: Natural Ways to Soothe a Cough.
Symptoms of a cough can often be treated or remedied by doing the following: stay hydrated to help thin mucus; inhale steam; use a humidifier to loosen mucus; use cough drops or lozenges; gargle with saltwater; use an extra pillow to elevated your head at night; don’t smoke or inhale secondhand smoke; avoid irritants such as dust, perfumes, or pollutants; use honey as a suppressant, and use ginger to soothe throat inflammation.
WebMD, October 2019

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