Weekly Health Update #400

Health Alert: Vaping and Chronic Lung Disease.
Researchers analyzed records from 2013 to 2016 on new lung disease diagnoses and found that both traditional smoking and e-cigarette use are associated with an elevated risk for chronic lung disease compared with nonsmokers (50% and 33%, respectively). The findings are important because debate continues over whether e-cigarettes should be promoted as a safe tool for smokers looking to quit the habit.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2019

Diet: Bad Diets Are Costly to Society.
New research suggests that if adults in the United States adopted healthier eating habits, it could save the country roughly $50 billion in healthcare-associated expenses for the treatment of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
American Heart Association, March 2020

Exercise: Gardening is Good for Your Body Image.
A review of survey data revealed that gardeners have higher levels of body appreciation and body pride, as well as higher levels of appreciation for their body’s functionality compared with non-gardeners.
Ecophysiology, March 2020

Chiropractic: Knee Stiffness Linked to Spinal Issue?
Examinations of patients following total knee replacement revealed that those who continued to report knee stiffness were more likely to have sagittal spinal malalignment. The researchers suspect that postural abnormalities in the spine may lead to compensatory changes in the biomechanics of the knee and a resulting reduction in range of motion. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to assess the whole patient to identify any factors that may contribute to a patient’s chief complaint and treat them with conservative options including manipulation, mobilization, specific exercises, modalities, and nutritional recommendations.
Journal of Arthroplasty, February 2020

Mental Attitude: Pets Are Truly Lifesavers for Seniors.
Questionnaires completed by 35 senior pet owners revealed that a third had considered suicide but cited caring for their pet as a reason to live. The findings suggest that pet ownership for seniors may possibly prevent some suicides. Dr. Gary Kennedy, the director of geriatric psychiatry for the Montefiore Health System in New York City writes, “Animals provide a presence and companionship. They respond to your vocalizations. You feed them, groom them, and with a dog, walk them. There’s reciprocity and companionship in the relationship.”
Anthrozoös, March 2020

Wellness/Prevention: Cancer Prevention Tips.
The Harvard School of Public Health reports that up to 75% of cancer deaths in the United States can be prevented. The school offers these cancer prevention tips: avoid tobacco, eat properly, exercise regularly, stay lean, limit alcohol intake, avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation, avoid exposure to industrial and environmental toxins, avoid infections that contribute to cancer, make sleep a priority, and get plenty of vitamin D.
Harvard School of Public Health, March 2020

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