Weekly Health Update #463

Health Alert: Appendicitis After Age 45 May Increase Alzheimer’s Risk. 
Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database, researchers concluded that patients treated for appendicitis after age 45 not only had an elevated risk for Alzheimer’s disease but they developed it earlier in life than their peers without a history of appendicitis. The data suggests that doctors should closely monitor their appendicitis patients for signs of cognitive decline. 
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, July 2021

Diet: Time-Restricted Eating Reduces Diabetes-Related Nocturnal Hypertension. 
Diabetics are at increased risk for nocturnal hypertension, which can elevate the risk for poor cardiovascular outcomes. A recent experiment found that restricting eating to an eight-hour window can help keep blood pressure from rising overnight in people with diabetes. 
PNAS, June 2021

Exercise: Preteen Brains Benefit from Regular Physical Activity. 
Brain imaging of nearly 6,000 primary school-aged children showed an association between regular physical activity and more organized, robust, and flexible brain networks. Lead researcher Dr. Caterina Stamoulis adds, “It didn’t matter what kind of physical activity children were involved in… It only mattered that they were active… In preteens, a number of brain functions are still developing, and they can be altered by a number of risk factors. Our results suggest that physical activity has a positive protective effect across brain regions.” 
Cerebral Cortex, May 2021

Chiropractic: SI Joint and Back Pain During Pregnancy. 
Among a group of 320 new mothers, researchers found that those who experienced low back pain during pregnancy were more likely to have sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction. Past studies have shown that the SI joint is a common sole or contributing cause of back pain and should be evaluated in patients with low back pain. Doctors of chiropractic often address pregnancy-related back pain, SI joint pain, and pelvic pain using manual therapies and specific exercises. 
Acta Radiologica, May 2021 

Mental Attitude: An Unhappy Marriage May Shorten a Man’s Life. 
A three-decade study involving nearly 9,000 men revealed that those who expressed dissatisfaction in their marriage but remained married had a 21% elevated risk for premature death and a 94% higher risk for stroke. Lead researcher Dr. Shahar Lev-Ari adds, “Assessing marital satisfaction and appraising the health benefits of marital education programs for young couples should be implemented as part of health promotion strategies for the general population.” 
Journal of Clinical Medicine, June 2021

Wellness/Prevention: Playing Outside Benefits Kids’ Vitamin D Status. 
According to a study that looked at data concerning 3,606 children from nine European countries, boys and girls who spend less than one hour a day outdoors are 1.21 times more likely to be vitamin D deficient than their peers who spend an hour or more each day playing outside. 
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2021

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