Weekly Health Update #473

Health Alert: Shift Work May Elevate Diabetes Risk. 
During an eight-year study that included 17,515 middle aged and older adults, researchers observed that participants who worked non-traditional hours had a 19% increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes. 
Acta Diabetologica, December 2021

Diet: Insufficient Iron May Contribute to Heart Disease. 
According to a study that monitored over 12,000 adults for 13 years, iron deficiency is associated with a 24% greater risk of heart disease and a 26% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. 
ESC Heart Failure, October 2021

Exercise: Active Lifestyle Benefits Colorectal Cancer Survivors. 
Among a group of 396 colorectal cancer survivors, those who restricted sedentary behaviors to less than five hours a day and met fitness guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week were less likely to report high levels of fatigue and low overall quality of life than participants with a less active lifestyle. 
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, November 2021

Chiropractic: Can Thoracic Spinal Manipulation Affect Achilles Tendinopathy? 
For patients suffering with Achilles tendinopathy, a recent study found that the application of spinal manipulative therapy to the mid-back can result in improvements in oxygenation and the testosterone/cortisol ratio in the calf muscle. While further research is advised, the finding suggests that treatment to improve function in the nerves that innervate the lower extremities may aid in the healing process of Achilles tendinopathy. 
Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy, June 2021 

Mental Attitude: Large Waistline May Signal Elevated Dementia Risk in Seniors. 
A metanalysis of 21 studies that included a total of over 5 million participants found that a high waist circumference (over 40 inches for men and over 35 inches for women) may increase an older adult’s risk for dementia by up to 13%. However, no such association was found in adults under 65 years of age. 
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, November 2021

Wellness/Prevention: Artificial Intelligence May Help Improve Breast Cancer Screening. 
Detecting breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue can be difficult for traditional mammograms. To assist in the screening process, scientists are developing an artificial intelligence (AI) that can review MRIs of extremely dense breast tissue with the intention of flagging potential tumors for further review by a radiologist. 
Radiology, October 2021

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