Weekly Health Update #487

Health Alert: Good Oral Health May Have Cardiovascular Benefits. 
Following a review of data from the Korean National Health Insurance Service-National Health Screening Cohort concerning nearly 53,000 hypertensive patients, researchers report that participants who developed five or more dental caries during an eleven-year time frame were 37% more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. On the other hand, those who brushed at least twice a day reduced their risk for poor cardiovascular outcomes by 12%. 
Journal of Hypertension, February 2022

Diet: Why Some Love Black Coffee and Dark Chocolate… 
New research suggests that individuals who prefer their coffee black and chocolate dark carry genes that are associated with more efficient metabolization of caffeine, which speeds up the time it takes to provide an increase in mental alertness. 
Scientific Reports, December 2021

Exercise: Benefits of Resistance Training for Senior Men. 
For older men, a recent study found that twelve weeks of whole-body resistance training can improve leg extension and leg press performance, increase muscle mass, cut body fat, improve walking ability, and reduce inflammatory biomarkers in the blood. 
Experimental Gerontology, February 2022

Chiropractic: Spinal Alignment Linked to Low Back Pain. 
Examinations of 1,491 adults revealed that those with low back pain were more likely to have exaggerated sagittal (from the side) spinal curvature. The findings suggest that spinal malalignment may be a contributing factor for back pain. Doctors of chiropractic focus on improving spinal alignment to reduce spinal pain and disability. 
Scientific Reports, October 2021 

Mental Attitude: Social Engagement Protects the Brian. 
During a four-year study, researchers observed that older adults with mild cognitive impairment who socialized in a greater number of environments were less likely to progress to dementia. 
Alzheimer’s Disease and Associated Disorders, January 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Safety Tips for Snow Shoveling. 
For many, winter means shoveling snow. Since this activity can increase one’s risk for back injury and heart attack, Traveler’s Insurance recommends the following: warm up beforehand, push rather than lift, choose your shovel wisely, take frequent breaks, keep up with the snowfall, wear layers, and stay hydrated. 
Traveler’s Insurance, December 2021

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