Weekly Health Update #493

Health Alert: Vaping May Increase Risk of Diabetes. 
An analysis of data concerning over 600,000 adults found that e-cigarette use may be associated with a 54% increased risk for prediabetes—a term used to describe elevated blood sugar levels that have not yet reached the threshold for diabetes diagnosis. Senior researcher Dr. Shyam Biswal adds, “There is a real concern that there’s a perception among the younger population that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative [to smoking]… But more and more evidence is piling up that e-cigarettes are not safe.” 
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, March 2022

Diet: Nordic Diet Helps Lower Cholesterol & Blood Sugar. 
Among a group of 200 overweight, middle-aged adults, researchers observed that those who adopted the Nordic diet—an eating pattern rich in berries, veggies, fish, whole grains, and rapeseed oil—experienced greater improvements in their cholesterol levels and glucose regulation than participants who maintained their usual diet. 
Clinical Nutrition, December 2021

Exercise: How Many Steps Per Day? 
A systematic review that included 15 studies found that for adults over the age of 60, an average of 6,000 to 8,000 steps per day is associated with a reduced risk of premature death. Meanwhile, for adults under age 60, the optimal number of steps appears to fall in the 8,000 to 10,000 steps-per-day range. 
The Lancet Public Health, March 2022

Chiropractic: Musculoskeletal Complaints Common in Nurses. 
Questionnaires completed by 550 nurses revealed that 88.1% experienced work-related musculoskeletal pain in the previous twelve months, with the low back, shoulders, and neck as the most affected areas. 
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, February 2022 

Mental Attitude: Biggest Risk Factors for Dementia. 
The American Heart Association reports that 42% of dementia cases in the United States can be attributed to these twelve factors: lower educational attainment, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, high blood pressure, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, smoking, depression, social isolation, not getting the recommended amount of physical activity, diabetes, and air pollution. 
American Heart Association, March 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Steps to Prevent Colon Cancer. 
Colorectal cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer in the United States, but steps can be taken to reduce one’s risk for this deadly condition, such as: attend screenings starting at age 45 or sooner if you have a family history; eat a healthy diet full of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, while limiting beef, pork, lamb, and processed meats; get physically active; maintain a healthy weight; avoid or limit alcohol; and don’t smoke. 
Cedars-Sinai, March 2022

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