Weekly Health Update #534

Health Alert: Sleep Apnea and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 
With the aid of the Cardiac Arrest Pursuit Trial with Unique Registry and Epidemiologic Surveillance database, researchers calculate that obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk for sudden cardiac arrest in individuals without coronary artery disease by 62%.
Yonsei Medical Journal, January 2023

Diet: Does Intermittent Fasting Have a Role in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment? 
In a recent experiment, 20 of 36 type 2 diabetics who engaged in three months of intermittent fasting—restricting eating to a limited window each day or not eating one or two days a week, for example—reported a complete remission of type 2 diabetes with many of the remaining patients able to reduce their medication use to manage their blood sugar levels. The findings suggest that intermittent fasting may have a role to play in type 2 diabetes management; however, patients should consult with their doctor before making a change to their diet. 
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, December 2022

Exercise: Any Level of Moderate-to-Vigorous Exercise Benefits Childhood Cancer Survivors. 
Individuals who survive childhood cancer have an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease. However, a recent study that included data from the US National Health Interview Survey (2009-2018) found that engaging in any amount of regular moderate-to-vigorous physical activity is associated with a lower cardiovascular disease risk. Unfortunately, a third of childhood cancer survivors don’t engage in any moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. 
Cancer, February 2023

Chiropractic: Weak Core and Lumbar Lordosis Linked to Low Back Pain Risk. 
Among a group of 27 collegiate dancers, researchers found that those with greater spinal curvature in the lower back (lumbar lordosis) and lower core muscle endurance were more likely to develop low back pain during a four-month time frame. Doctors of chiropractic commonly address abnormal posture and core muscle weakness when managing patients with low back pain. 
Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, September 2022 

Mental Attitude: Volunteering May Help Combat Stress and Depression. 
During a six-year study, researchers observed that while higher levels of stress increase the risk an individual will develop depression that requires treatment, volunteer work appears to mitigate this risk. 
International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, December 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Take Care of Your Skin. 
The American Academy of Dermatology offers the following tips for healthy skin: apply sunscreen before heading outdoors; don’t smoke; find ways to manage stress; perform regular self-exams for cancer; wash your face when you wake, before you go to bed, and whenever you sweat; and avoid scrubbing your skin. 
American Academy of Dermatology, January 2023

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