Weekly Health Update #8

Mental Attitude: Marriage and Happiness!
Married people may be happier in the long run than those who aren’t married. Matrimony does not make people happier than they were when they were single, but it appears to protect against normal declines in happiness during adulthood.
Journal of Research in Personality, June 2012

Health Alert: Up In Smoke?
Cigarette smoking contributes to significantly higher hospital costs ($900 for each patient) for smokers undergoing elective general surgery. 30% of patients undergoing elective general surgery procedures smoke. Smoking is also linked with an increased risk of numerous postoperative complications, especially those related to pulmonary, cardiovascular, and wound-healing outcomes. Evidence suggests that quitting smoking before an operation, even as little as 4-6 weeks prior to the procedure, improves postoperative outcomes and decreases complications in patients.
Journal of the American College of Surgeons, June 2012

Diet: Damaged Kidneys and Low-Carb Diets?
Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets (like the Atkins diet) have been popular among dieters for years. Experts have worried that such diets may be harmful to the kidneys. Researchers found that a low-carbohydrate, high-protein weight loss diet did not cause noticeably harmful effects to patients’ kidney function or their fluid and electrolyte balance when compared with a low-fat diet. The results are relevant to the millions of obese adults who use dieting as a weight loss strategy.
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, June 2012

Exercise: Good Reasons.
Exercise increases your cardiac reserve, improves coronary (heart) circulation, and offsets some of the negative side effects of antihypertensive drugs.
Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health, 1996

Chiropractic: Notables
“Being a chiropractic patient has really helped me.”
~ Tiger Woods.

Wellness/Prevention: Live Longer – Exercise & Diet.
According to a recent study, women aged 70-79 who exercise and eat healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables have a longer life expectancy than those who do not. What makes this study unique is that it looked at these two factors together. Researchers found that the women who were most physically active and had the highest fruit and vegetable consumption were 8 times more likely to survive the 5 year follow-up period than the women with the lowest rates of exercise and healthy eating.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, June 2012

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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