Auto Injury and Whiplash

Whiplash is typically a sudden movement that can cause injuries. People experience whiplash when they get into accidents or even while doing things that are part of their normal routines. Whiplash can be extremely uncomfortable especially if you’re not treated immediately. It also can cause chronic neck pain, resulting to immense discomfort!

The reason why Whiplash can be painful is because of the misalignment of one or more joints on the neck area. To look more closely, not only your neck can be affected by auto injuries. Some body movements may also be affected since the misalignment sometimes causes receptors not to work as well.

Determining the extent of your auto injuries

Dr. Eric A. Lane will easily determine whether or not your suffering from whiplash, through a series of tests. When you come to our clinic, Dr. Eric A. Lane takes you through a series of comprehensive test to establish the extent of your whiplash, and whether or not you’ll be receptive to chiropractic treatment for this condition.

These tests will also help us determine whether or not your condition can progress to chronic neck pain. Do not be surprised that questions will be asked about your genetic history as well as other conditions that have been experienced by other family members as this is all part of the exam!

Different chiropractic care treatments are available. Some cases will usually respond more to certain types of treatments than others will. All in all, here are a few of the many whiplash treatment techniques that we employ:

Manipulation spinal manipulation is known to be the treatment of choice for different back injuries and pains. This involves making a series of quick sudden movements in a certain direction depending on the specific nature of your injury. There are times though when chiropractors would rather use slow movements!

Exercises there are different types of exercises that can be done to improve the condition of your neck. These exercises can be done almost anywhere because they are easy and usually do not involve rigorous training as evident in most weight loss exercise routines.

Lifestyle Change lifestyle is all about how you live your life, what you do every day. If you’re constantly exposed to situations that will continue to induce strain, no matter how minimal, your conditions could worsen. When you visit our care center, Dr. Eric A. Lane will recommend certain things that will eventually lessen the strain caused by everyday activities.

Muscle Stimulation this is done using fingers to stretch out muscles that are too tight. Through the finger stimulation, the tight muscles are eventually able to loosen up.

Keep in mind that most of the time, all these treatments are recommended for people who have are suffering from whiplash. You can visit us any time and get a comprehensive diagnosis, and a resultantly effective treatment that will not only correct your whiplash problem but also leave you feeling better and more rejuvenated. As of now, Dr. Lane does not charge any consultation fees.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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