Back Pain

This is the pain emanating from your muscles, bones, nerves, joints or other structures in the spine – and felt in the back. The pain can be acute with its severity directly correlating to the level of tissue damage. More so, back pain is usually short-term, lasting for about 2-3 weeks. For the chronic pain, the effect persists for a long time and can be progressive lasting for as long as 2-3 months. Sometimes, the pain just disappears only to come back later.

Types of back pain

Sciatica – This is a deep pain radiating through the extremity of arm or leg. The pain can be accompanied by numbness and tingling or weakness. It can be caused by compression, injury or inflammation to a spinal nerve root.

Strain – This is an injury to a muscle or tendon caused by overexertion or overstretching of muscle fibres. It is the most common cause of back pain.

Degenerative disc disease – This is pain coming from the lower back into the pelvis, groin, upper thigh and buttock. An injury inflicted to any of the interconnecting sensory nerves of the lower back may also cause this type of pain.

Spinal stenosis – This is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that may occur in any of the regions of the spine. It causes a restriction to the spinal canal and it’s characterized by pain, numbness and loss of motor control.

Symptoms of back pain

Pain that is getting much worse and spreading up your spine
Pain from down your legs and below your knees
Weakness, or numbness, in one or both legs or more so around your buttocks
Constant pain, particularly at night
Redness or swelling on your back
Loss of bladder or bowel control
Dr. Eric A. Lane at Dr. Eric A. Lane provides you with effective relief for back pain and any other related conditions. These include:

Manual therapy
They are of different types including massage, manipulation and mobilisation. It is carried out by professional chiropractors helping to relieve. It should be up to nine sessions and you will be back to normal with no pain.

Exercises can be an effective approach to reducing pain though should be under supervision of a professional. Constant stretching is an essential component of back treatment.

Heat therapy
Heat therapy can reduce symptoms of acute pain .Some patients find that moist heat works best e.g. a hot bath or a continuous low-level heat.

Sleeping position
Changing the sleeping position can take some of the strain off your back and ease the pain. Sleeping on your side, draw your legs up slightly towards your chest and put a pillow under your knees will help maintain the normal curve of your lower back.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

Chris/Heidi Powell from ABC's Extreme Weight Loss highly recommend Dr. Eric A. Lane (view endorsement). He has been serving Tucson, Arizona as a chiropractor/physician for over 25 years. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane by calling our office at 520.742.7785 or contact us.

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