Muscle Pain

This is a disorder also referred to as myalgia, caused by overuse or over-stretching of a muscle or group of muscles. It results from inflammation that occurs due to over stretching of a muscle or when a muscle is torn.

Common Causes Of Muscle Pain

  • Injury or trauma, such as sprains
  • Chronic tension
  • Overuse of a muscle or a group of muscles, such as repetitive strain injury.
  • Crump-refers to an acute spasm of the muscle due to any interference with the mechanisms that causes muscles to contract and relax.

Muscle pains can also be caused by stress due to various activities that one has to go through in their daily life. Overworking of muscles especially those that are not accustomed to too much work causes the muscle fibers to actually break down causing pain.

Another common source of muscle pain is engaging in intense exercise. This causes the muscles to swell up hence causing muscle breakdown. Together, they lead to muscle strain and the accompanying feeling of stiffness and soreness.

A reputable chiropractor, Dr. Eric A. Lane can help you in get relief from muscle pains. Dr. Lane starts by interviewing you about your medical history. After the interview, a physical examination will be conducted to establish the possible reason for your muscle pain or discomfort. Once this cause has already been traced, Dr. Lane will then let you know of the possible treatments that you may have to undergo in order to get relief to the pains you are currently undergoing.

Treatments Administered For Muscle Pain

  • Muscles warm up
    It is one way to prevent muscle cramping and injuries during exercise. Stretching or a little walk before exercise is examples of warm up.
  • Massage
    This will help loosen the muscles by relieving the tension in muscles hence reducing the pain. Massage also soothes the paining part allowing it to relax hence recovery.
  • Dietary advice
    Dr. Lane also offers counseling on the best diet to take to ease and also prevent the muscle pain from recurring. Milk for example, has adequate calcium to curtail your cramps.
  • Exercises
    Exercising leads to release of more energy in the blood which can lead to blood flowing back in to the muscles hence easing the pain

Chiropractic care is not all about a one-time session. You have to follow the recommendation given by your medical doctor. For instance, you should know your physical limits to prevent muscle pain, soreness and stiffness. Aim at exercising regularly throughout the week not only when in pain so as to strengthen your muscles.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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