Neck Pain

Most, if not all of us, are aware that the neck should be given the care that it deserves. It is very delicate because it supports the whole head. If the neck is not in good condition, the head will not be able to move in different directions. While this is an important function of your neck, it also makes it very vulnerable to different accidental situations.

Neck Care & Health

There are so many things that you do every day that could be harmful to your neck. Even the simplest thing like sitting can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Aside from the usual activities, people can also get their neck injured when they encounter accidents or repetitive blows to the neck – which may even result to dislocation in some cases.

Common Cases Of Neck Pain

Sudden Forced Movements or Whiplash – if you force your neck to undergo a series of abnormal motions, chances are that you’ll be in for neck pan. Forced neck movements can more so lead to a situation where you perceive pain emanating from the base of your spine.

Poor Posture – even sitting can cause some serious neck pains. It all boils down to how your posture is. With some poor posture practices, muscles on the neck will feel strained, and this constant strain will eventually lead to a stiff neck or cause some other neck pain.

Degenerative disorders – when people grow old, their bones also get brittle and more prone to degeneration and breakage. Different diseases appear when we reach a certain age, and some of them could be directly linked to neck pains.

Chiropractors can help you lessen and eventually make the neck pain go away through different chiropractic care treatments for neck pain. A chiropractor will require you to take tests done so that they are able to determine the cause of your pain. Based on the results, they are able to prescribe the best chiropractic treatment for your neck pain.

One usual chiropractic neck treatment is cervical manipulation. It involves the chiropractor making sure that the right pressure is applied to the joints of the neck. This is usually done by hand and no machines are needed. With cervical manipulation, the chiropractor can get rid of your neck pain just within just a few sessions.

The next time you suffer from neck pain; don’t result to taking pain killers or other common medications. While the pain could be just the result of a minor abnormal head movement, it could also be a pre-cursor for some other unknown condition, or more so some form of past injury on the muscles or tendons in your neck. Visiting us at the Dr. Eric A. Lane Center is a great way of ensuring that you correct the problem from its source. With a couple of tests, we’ll easily establish the cause of your neck pain and engage the necessary treatment program. When you visit us for free consultation, don’t forget to ask for your complimentary copy of Dr. Eric A. Lane’s book ‘Improve the Quality of Your Life’.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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