Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is a term that refers to a condition within your nervous system that is both abnormal and degenerative. It can effectively deaden or inflame your nerves, which impairs your body’s ability to properly circulate blood. You may be suffering from neuropathy and not even know it—if you’ve ever experienced numbness, the inability to sense pain or heat, a burning sensation, cramps, severe pain, or sensitivity to even the lightest of touches, you may be living with neuropathy. Generally, it will affect your extremities—the hands, legs, and feet.

People with neuropathy often try many things to suppress their symptoms. It’s not uncommon for them to see a string of doctors, take experimental (and often dangerous) prescription drugs, use expensive physiotherapy, or in extreme cases, even submit to surgery! It’s sad to say that sometimes none of those things brings them any relief.

At Lean Healthy Life, we know that neuropathy can make you feel desperate, that’s why we’re here to help work with you to find a natural, holistic cure to your symptoms. Dr. Eric Lane and his expert staff have years of experience with successfully treating patients, and they’re confident they have the skills to help you as well. Keep reading to find out more about neuropathy and ways that you can help treat it.

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is not a single disease, but rather, is a set of disorders that affect the peripheral nerves (located in your hands and feet) of the nervous system. It can be caused by a variety of different things including overexposure to harmful toxins, traumatic injury to your arms or legs, infection, or most commonly, diabetes.

Neuropathy has the potential to affect the nerves that control the movement of your muscles as well as the nerves that are responsible for detecting hot and cold (and pain). In extreme cases, neuropathy can affect even more than just your hands and feet—it can spread to your blood vessels, heart, and intestines as well.

When sufferers speak about the pain of neuropathy, it’s commonly described as a burning or tingling sensation. There is no real way to determine how long the pain will last, but in some cases symptoms have been known to improve over time.

Risk factors for neuropathy include having diabetes, contracting an autoimmune disease (like lupus), or receiving an organ transplant.

How Can Neuropathy Be Treated?

Before we can effectively treat your neuropathy, we must figure out the root cause of it. With conventional medicine, the ultimate goal is to treat individual symptoms with a regimen of manufactured drugs and even possibly surgery. Sure, this approach can give patients relief, but it’s more of a temporary fix that merely suppresses the problem instead of eliminating it. When you come to us with your neuropathy problems, you can be sure that we will strive to treat your whole body by giving it the treatment it needs to heal itself. Only when you unite all the parts of you—your body AND your mind—can you experience renewed health and vitality.

At Lean Healthy Life, we are happy to provide you with services to treat your neuropathy such as:

  • Restorative Body Wraps — these special wraps that were designed by a UCLA biochemist are created specifically to help patients suffering from neuropathy. Our body wraps help promote the flow of blood and lymph all throughout your body. This is effectively a painless cleansing of your soft tissues that will encourage your body to eliminate the toxins that have built up within them and caused your neuropathy. If you’re looking for relief, it’s important that you get your blood flowing properly again, and these body wraps can do just that!

When you call Lean Healthy Life to schedule your neuropathy consultation, you can rest assured that you will be receiving high quality treatment from experienced and understanding professionals. Dr. Lane has been treating patients suffering from neuropathy for many years now, and his holistic approach of healing your entire body with noninvasive procedures has a track record that speaks for itself. If you would like to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Lane, you can call (520) 742-7785 or send an email to

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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