Aging Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it’s your first line against the defense of environmental toxins. Every day we make decisions that influence the health and vitality of our skin—sometimes good choices, but other times, bad ones. Thankfully, you’re not alone in your fight against aging skin! We here at Lean Healthy Life are here to help you by providing you with quality treatments that can prevent and even reverse the premature aging of your skin. Dr. Eric Lane and our entire team have spent years researching and testing the best and most effective skin treatments available, and now we’re happy to offer them to you! When you stop by for your aging skin consultation, we can fill you in on all the important details, but for now, take a look at some of the exciting and proven skin care treatments and products we offer.

FIRM Facial Gel

This patented facial gel is designed to keep your skin young and fresh looking with a refreshing blend of aloe vera and marine soluble collagen. This product does it all—it helps reduce the presence of wrinkles, it helps tighten and tone your face, and it even helps slow down the natural aging process of your skin. It’s a must have if you’re looking for healthy, glowing skin that resists the signs of aging!

NOURISH Nutrient Oil

This all natural blend made from a mixture of plant oils (avocado, wheat germ, and apricot) and bee pollen is sure to promote the elasticity and firmness you need for your skin. It’s a great way to keep your skin healthy without worrying about any unnatural chemicals added to conventional skin care products that might clog and inflame your pores. NOURISH is great for the sensitive skin around your eyes or anywhere else you might have dull or damaged skin.

TONE Skin Spray

This combination of aloe vera and other all-natural herbal extracts is designed to give your skin a healthy glow while reducing the appearance of age-related wrinkles. TONE is a great product to use before applying your makeup in the morning or just any time you feel your skin needs a pick me up!

Detoxification Programs

Sure, topical treatments are an effective way to combat the symptoms of aging skin, but to truly keep your skin healthy, you need to fight these symptoms at their cause. With one of our patented detoxification programs, you’ll work to promote the elimination and prevention of dangerous toxins and wastes that make your skin susceptible to damage and aging. Be sure to ask about these programs when you come in for your consultation. We can provide you with more information then.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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