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Fancy spa treatments and exotic creams may be able to give you the fresh, healthy skin you desire, but did you know that there are also lots of practical ways to give yourself that beautiful glow as well? Research has shown time and time again that the things we put into our body have a direct effect on the quality of our skin—everything from eating food to smoking can cause unwanted problems. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure your skin is looking its best and staying its healthiest! When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Lane he can explain the secrets to clear skin in more detail, but for now here are some quick and easy ways to make sure your skin is picture perfect all the time.

1) Avoid Simple Carbohydrates

In cultures where simple carbohydrates are largely absent from the average diet, you’d be hard pressed to find a blemish or a pimple anywhere! These offenders—such as pasta, rice, white bread, and pastries—are known to make your insulin levels soar which leads to chemical imbalances responsible for every annoying zit!

If you’re certain you can’t live without carbs in your life, why not make the switch to healthier complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads and pastas? Not only will your skin thank you, but so will your stomach—these foods are all a great source of fiber which helps keep your digestive track regular!

2) Try a New Seafood Dish

Healthy fish, such as salmon, is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats are responsible for a host of good things in your body, such as the prevention of inflammation. Since inflammation can cause pores to clog, that can lead to a whole host of problems, such as acne. Getting enough fish in your diet will ensure that this won’t happen to you.

While all fish contain some levels of these essential fatty acids, your best bet is to try salmon or tuna—these are two species that are known to contain the most.

3) Introduce Some Good Fats Into Your Diet

We often think of fat as the enemy, and certainly, sometimes this is the case. However, all fats are not created equal, and when it comes to the unsaturated kind, both poly and monounsaturated fats can help aid you in your fight against bad skin. When you don’t have enough of these good guys in your diet, your skin has the potential to become dry and flaky.

Next time you have a salad, why not drizzle some olive oil over it? It’s high in unsaturated fat that’s sure to keep your skin silky smooth!

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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