Non-Surgical Face Lift

Having a conventional face lift is a tempting prospect—there’s no doubt that many people have had successful results and are looking great. However, a more traditional face lift is not necessarily the safest or most natural answer to your skin problems. Here at Lean Healthy Life, we’re dedicated to exploring treatments that help fight the signs of aging without resorting to going under the knife. We believe the best cures are the ones that treat the causes of problems and not just the symptoms, and that’s why we’re happy to offer you our exciting non-surgical face lift mask. When used regularly, this topical cream has the power to improve the elasticity of your skin as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Call today for a consultation about this exciting service. In the meantime, take a look at just what a non-surgical face lift can do for you.

Having full-blown surgery is very taxing on your body—even if it’s relatively noninvasive like a traditional face lift. Going under the knife can mean days, if not weeks, of recovery time, along with plenty of pain and swelling. Plus, there’s nothing to guarantee that something won’t go wrong during your surgery! With all of these concerns, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to all-natural, non-surgical means to achieve their beauty goals. Face lift programs like ours are much less expensive that cosmetic surgery, and there’s nowhere near the amount of risk associated with it. If you’re interested in learning more about what this safe and effective treatment can do for you, call today and schedule a consultation.

Not only is a non-surgical face lift safer, it can also offer you many of the same benefits as a conventional one. Take a look at just some of the great things this procedure provides:

  • Improves circulation in your face
  • Firms and tones your facial muscles
  • Reduces the visibility of blemishes, like scars and pigmentation issues
  • Removes dark circles and puffiness from underneath your eyelids
  • Decreases water retention in your face
  • Provides nourishment and oxygen to dull and unhealthy skin
Dr. Eric A. Lane

Chris/Heidi Powell from ABC's Extreme Weight Loss highly recommend Dr. Eric A. Lane (view endorsement). He has been serving Tucson, Arizona as a chiropractor/physician for over 25 years. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane by calling our office at 520.742.7785 or contact us.

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