Body Wraps for Weight Loss and Detox

Body wraps are a great way to reduce cellulite and take off unwanted inches, but they’re also a great choice if you’re looking for a full-body detox option. This patented design, created by a UCLA biochemist, has been proven to increase the blood circulation and lymphatic flow of users by removing wastes that have gotten stuck in particular areas of the body. By doing this, your body safely and quickly loses inches while your skin stays hydrated and elastic—this is truly the best type of wrap you’ll find! Here at Lean Healthy Life we’re happy to offer you this safe and effective noninvasive treatment for feeling better and looking great. Keep reading to find out just what a body wrap can do for you!

Fight Cellulite at its Cause with Body Wraps

Everyone dreads cellulite—that buildup of wastes that gives your skin a bumpy, “cottage cheese” look. However, since cellulite isn’t a fat condition (but rather, a condition of toxins) it isn’t easily affected by normal diet and exercise regimens. Thankfully, our body wraps target some of the causes of cellulite, such as poor circulation. When you experience loss of blood flow to different body parts due to clogged arteries, bad eating habits, or lack of exercise, toxins and other wastes responsible for cellulite begin to accumulate underneath your skin. When you choose a body wrap at Lean Healthy Life, you can be sure that you’re not only removing waste buildup already underneath your skin but also that you’re ensuring proper circulation which can keep future cellulite at bay.

Drop Inches in Hours with Body Wraps

Our detoxifying body wraps aren’t just a great way to feel better—they’ll ensure you’re looking your best as well! Once the wrap has removed the toxic buildup from beneath your skin, you’ll find that all the waste was taking up a lot of space in your body! It’s not uncommon for patients to experience the loss of one or more inches in just a forty five minute session! With the consistent use of body wraps you can be confident that those inches will stay gone for good, and don’t fret—our body wraps keep your skin hydrated so that it stays healthy and elastic even with such rapid inch loss.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Eric Lane and Lean Healthy Life have been helping patients in the Tucson area improve the quality of their life through a number of healthy living treatments and services, and our detoxifying, inch busting body wraps are a popular choice among those looking to improve not only their health but also their looks. By fighting the root causes of cellulite, these wraps ensure that your problems with inch loss and body toxins are permanently fixed. Get in touch with Dr. Lane today for your own body wrap consultation by calling (520) 742-7785 or sending an email to We look forward improving the quality of your life with this and a range of other services proven to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

Chris/Heidi Powell from ABC's Extreme Weight Loss highly recommend Dr. Eric A. Lane (view endorsement). He has been serving Tucson, Arizona as a chiropractor/physician for over 25 years. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane by calling our office at 520.742.7785 or contact us.

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