Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole Body Vibration Therapy (also known as WBV) is just one of the many ways that Dr. Eric Lane and Lean Healthy Life can help you feel better and look great. It’s an exciting, low-impact choice that can help you increase your metabolism, build flexibility, and rejuvenate your entire body. By forcing your muscles to involuntarily contract at the rate of the machine’s vibrations (sort of like when a doctor checks the reflexes in your knees), you’re creating a stretch that is similar to what you would experience during strenuous exercise—minus all the sweat and pain! Keep reading to see just how whole body vibration therapy can improve the quality of your life!

A History of WBV

Whole Body Vibration in its modern form began in Russia during the 1960s. At first, doctors were interested in the effects of vibration on the performance of athletes, although they soon realized it had great potential in helping astronauts suffering from muscle atrophy while in space.

However, using vibration to heal the body can be traced back as far as ancient Greece! We now know that they experimented with improving physical performance for the Olympics by covering a saw with cotton and rubbing it across muscle groups that they wished to make stronger. It’s safe to say that vibration therapy has a long and proven track record.

What Can WBV Do For You?

Here’s just a short list of some of the amazing benefits to using whole body vibration therapy:

  • WBV can help increase the circulation of blood in your body. This is a great way to remove toxins (which accumulate as cellulite) and prevent others from building up.
  • WBV can also help stimulate the flow in your lymphatic system. This is another great way to help your body detoxify.
  • WBC can increase your body’s production of vital weight loss hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, testosterone, and human growth hormone.

A Steady, Sensible Weight Loss Solution

Whole body vibration therapy is not a miracle cure, and you shouldn’t expect to see instantaneous results. However, what you will begin to notice quickly is an increased amount of energy—due in part to your muscles being more toned and capable of carrying out your daily life functions. Don’t fear though—increased muscle mass will eventually lead to weight loss, and you can expect your clothes to be fitting better within a month of beginning treatment. Some patients even experience losing an entire dress size during this time!

Here at Lean Healthy Life in Tucson, Dr. Eric Lane has spent years assembling the best and most effective weight loss programs on the market, including the ever-popular whole body vibration therapy. If you’re ready to get to find out and fix the root causes of your weight-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at (520) 742-7785 support@leanhealthylife.com. One of our dedicated team members can help you decide if whole body vibration therapy or any one of our weight loss programs is right for you. Call today to find the right path to healthy living!

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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