Strengthening and Stretching

Exercise strengthening and stretching can be very useful for both injury prevention and injury treatment. When done the right way, exercises and stretching increases flexibility and this in turn reduces risks of injuries. The ration for this is that a muscle with a greater motion range will be less likely to experience tears when undergoing active use during exercise or sports.

Exercising For Strength

Most of us just engage in exercise even before we understand its true value and role in bettering the quality of our lives. Well, to start with, exercising is a good way to ensure our physical as well as mental health sometimes. Whether you are a pro athlete or a white collar office work, there are many reasons why you need regular exercise to strengthen your muscles and more so keep your body in tip top, healthy shop.

So, how much exercise is good?

Apparently, jogging and engaging in other high aerobic exercises all the time causes your body to create more free radicals, which are known to attack your cells and worse still cause lethal diseases. As thus, the best exercise is moderate exercise, which will strengthen your muscles, lower blood sugar and offer other health benefits without having to shoot up the level of free radicals in your body. Some good forms of moderate exercises that you should involve in include weight lifting and walking, which will just release powerful hormones to counteract harmful chemicals and the results of stress. Depending on your occupation and body’s health needs, we can recommend the appropriate strength exercise routine for you at the Dr. Eric A. Lane Care center.

Stretching And It’s Benefits

For athletes and other individuals participating in endurance training, stretching will also improve recovery and more so enhance performance. Not to forget, stretching regularly is known to increase the flexibility of the neck, shoulders and upper back, resolvedly improving respiratory function.

Ways To Stretch For Increased Strength

Stretching for exercise strengthening will only be useful to your overall muscle health and flexibility if it’s done the right way. Not everything that fits the term ‘stretching’ qualifies as a healthy stretching activity. Well, to s tart with, static stretching is a method of stretching for the majority of athletes and active individuals. This is the most basic form of stretching, with minimal chances of causing injury while so doing.

The other two forms of stretching; ballistic (bouncing) and neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) which are advanced techniques that should only be practiced by experienced individuals or under the supervision of a chiropractic doctor.

More Energy With Stretching

Anytime you stretch, there’s increased blood circulation and thus more energy in your muscles. Surely, you could benefit from having a little bit more ‘mojo’ in the morning. And that’s why we recommend that you take up your exercises strengthening and exercising in the morning rather than at night.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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