Weekly Health Update #162

Mental Attitude: Childhood Trauma May Result in Migraines Later in Life.
Canadian researchers say that witnessing domestic violence during childhood may raise an individual’s risk for developing migraines in adulthood. The study which included nearly 23,000 men and women found that boys and girls who had witnessed parental domestic violence had a 52-64% greater risk for migraines after age 18 when compared with those with no such history.
Headache, June 2015
Health Alert: Is Codeine Safe for Kids?
Due to the potential for serious complications such as slowed or difficult breathing, experts at the Food and Drug Administration are investigating whether it is safe for children to consume medicines containing codeine to treat cough and colds. Codeine is converted into morphine in the body, but some individuals process codeine more quickly than normal, which leads to high morphine levels in the blood that can lead to breathing problems. In the meantime, parents are advised to stop giving their child codeine-containing medicines and to seek medical care if they notice any warning signs of slow or shallow breathing, difficult or noisy breathing, confusion, or unusual sleepiness.
Medscape Medical News, July 2015
Diet: Restaurant Meals May Be as Bad for Your Waistline as Fast Food.
A new study finds that when Americans dine out, whether at a full-service or fast-foot outlet, they consume nearly 200 more calories than when they eat at home. The investigators also found that restaurant goers consume more fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium than those who eat meals prepared at home. Lead investigator Dr. Ruopeng An writes, “These findings reveal that eating at a full-service restaurant is not necessarily healthier than eating at a fast-food outlet… My advice to those hoping to consume a healthy diet and not overeat is that it is healthier to prepare your own foods, and to avoid eating outside the home whenever possible.”
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2015
Exercise: Leg Strengthening.
Are you looking for a new way to work your legs? Try the Flamingo Balance. To perform this exercise, hold a dumbbell in your right hand while standing with the left hand on your hip. Lean forward while lifting your left leg/foot behind you up to the level of your hip. Now, bring your right arm in front of you and perform a quarter squat on your right leg. Perform a bicep curl by turning the palm to face the ceiling. Touch your left toe down and repeat this exercise at least twelve times before switching to the opposite side.
MD Health, July 2015
Chiropractic: Spinal Manipulation Helps Patients with Thoracic Spinal Pain!
A review of the existing literature related to the non-invasive, non-drug treatment of thoracic spinal pain found that spinal manipulation, a treatment performed by doctors of the chiropractic, is the only treatment with critically appraised and relevant research demonstrating that it results in statistically significant reductions in thoracic spinal pain.
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, July 2015
Wellness/Prevention: Weight Loss Plus Vitamin D Reduces Inflammation.
Chronic inflammation is known to contribute to the onset of several diseases, including cancer. Weight loss is known to help reduce inflammation levels in the body and thus reduce the risk of such diseases. Researchers have found that weight loss, when combined with vitamin D supplementation, has even a greater effect on reducing chronic inflammation than just weight reduction alone. Lead author Dr. Catherine Duggan writes, “Weight loss reduces inflammation, and thus represents another mechanism for reducing cancer risk. If ensuring that vitamin D levels are replete, or at an optimum level, can decrease inflammation over and above that of weight loss alone, that can be an important addition to the tools people can use to reduce their cancer risk.”
Cancer Prevention Research, July 2015
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