Weekly Health Update #264

Mental Attitude: Overweight Kids Often Suffer Socially.
A new study has found that overweight kids are excluded and ostracized by classmates more often than their thinner peers. Researchers examined the friendship dynamics of over 500 preteens and found that those who were overweight or obese were 1.7 times more likely to be disliked by their peers and 1.2 times more likely to dislike their peers. Study author Dr. Kayla de la Haye writes, “We consistently find overweight kids are ostracized by their peers, which plays out over middle school and high school to the point where they’re pushed to the periphery of these big social groups… We really need to take this seriously… Experiencing stigma has such big implications for these kids, impacting their social development and mental health, and probably their physical health.”
PLOS One, June 2017

Health Alert: Election Results May Be Harmful to Health.
In this study, researchers found that some individuals on the losing end of an election saw their mental and physical health start to sink under a wave of perceived threats and targeted hostility. More specifically, the research team found that unwelcomed election results can increase stress levels as well as the rates of disease incidence, premature birth, and early death. Study author Dr. David Williams comments, “The bottom line is that we found that a dramatic social event, such as terrorist attack or even a presidential election, can be a factor that can undermine health.”
New England Journal of Medicine, June 2017

Diet: Drinking Coffee and Tea May Prevent Liver Disease.
Chronic liver disease is a leading cause of death in the United States, with nearly 32,000 people dying from it each year. Now, a new study suggests that a cup of coffee or tea a day may help prevent this disease. In the study, 2,424 participants underwent a full physical checkup, which included anthropometric measurements such as body mass index, height, blood tests, and abdominal scans. The data revealed that frequent coffee and herbal tea consumption consistently correlated with a significantly lower risk of liver stiffness, which suggests regular coffee or tea intake may prevent liver fibrosis before the signs of liver disease start to appear.
Journal of Hepatology, June 2017

Exercise: Marathon Running Won’t Harm Arteries.
In recent years, there’s been debate about whether endurance activities, like marathons, are harmful for the heart. In a new study, researchers tested the arteries of 97 runners who had competed in long distance races and found no evidence of a link between these endurance activities and atherosclerosis. Lead author Dr. Axel Pressler adds, “Our study shows that runners who have finished 20 marathons do not have stiffer arteries or more impaired vessel function than people of the same age who have finished five or zero marathons … It appears that you can run as many marathons as you want and not be in danger of developing impaired blood vessel function or atherosclerosis.”
European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, June 2017

Chiropractic: Tight Hamstrings Associated with Low Back Pain.
In this study, researchers matched 30 individuals suffering from low back pain with 30 participants of the same height and weight without low back pain. The investigators then measured the participants’ hamstring length and found that those without low back pain had significantly longer hamstrings than the individuals with low back pain. The findings suggest that reduced hamstring length may be either a contributor or the result of low back pain.
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, June 2017

Wellness/Prevention: Dealing with Sweaty Feet.
If your feet are constantly sweaty, you may suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. To cope with excess sweating, the American Podiatric Medical Association suggests the following: wash your feet daily with antibacterial soap; dry your feet well and sprinkle cornstarch, foot powder, or antifungal powder on your feet; wear socks made of synthetic materials to help wick sweat from your feet; choose shoes made of breathable material; and keep and extra pair of socks with you and change them during the day.
American Podiatric Medical Association, May 2017

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