Weekly Health Update #344

Mental Attitude: Poor Health Can Increase the Risk for Loneliness in Seniors.
Surveys completed by over 2,000 seniors revealed that one in four felt isolated from others at least some of the time, especially those in fair or poor mental/physical health and those with hearing loss.
National Poll on Healthy Aging, March 2019

Health Alert: Irregular Sleep Can Impact Heart Health.
Researchers analyzed data concerning nearly 2,000 adults and found that individuals who go to bed at a consistent time each night and who sleep nearly the same number of hours from night to night during the week have about half the risk for a cardiovascular event as men and women with irregular sleep behaviors.
American Heart Association, March 2019

Diet: Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy.
To encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables, the Department of Agriculture recommends the following: create smoothies with fat-free or low-fat yogurt with fruit pieces and crushed ice; make fun kabobs resembling caterpillars by assembling chunks of melon, apple, orange, and pear on skewers; add tomato sauce, low-fat cheese, cut-up vegetables, or fruit to the top of whole-wheat English muffins, bagels, or pita bread to make a personal pizza; assemble a fruity peanut butterfly by using carrot sticks or celery for the body and attaching wings made of thinly sliced apples with peanut butter; freeze fruits for a fun and refreshing treat during summer months; top celery, cucumber, or carrot sticks with peanut butter, then add raisins, cranberries, or cherries; make homemade trail mix with dried apples, pineapple, cherries, apricots, or raisins; and make a “potato person” by decorating half a baked potato with vegetables such as sliced cherry tomatoes or peas, and low-fat cheese to make a fun face.
Department of Agriculture, February 2019

Exercise: Exercise Improves Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.
Current research suggests that exercise can improve disease severity, memory, executive function, and cognitive function in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Lead investigator Dr. Tim Stuckenschneider writes, “The potential of exercise to improve motor and non-motor symptoms is promising and may help to decelerate disease progression in individuals affected by PD.”
Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, February 2019

Chiropractic: Musculoskeletal Pain Very Common in ICU Nurses!
Among a group of 702 intensive care unit (ICU) nurses, 97% reported experiencing one or more work-related musculoskeletal disorder during the previous year, with back pain (80.1%), neck pain (78.6%), and shoulder pain (70.4%) being the most common complaints.
Workplace Health & Safety, December 2018

Wellness/Prevention: How to Eat Less Salt.
To lower one’s salt intake, the Food and Drug Administration offers these tips: eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; eat foods that are rich in potassium, such as leafy green veggies and bananas; season food with herbs and spices, instead of salt; opt for unsalted snacks; and read food labels to help select foods low in sodium.
Food and Drug Administration, February 2019

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