Weekly Health Update #409

Health Alert: New Advice Regarding Familial Hypercholesterolemia.
Individuals with a genetic predisposition for elevated low-density lipoprotein (the “bad” cholesterol) levels have traditionally been instructed to reduce their consumption of saturated fats to lower their risk for heart disease. However, a team of heart disease and diet experts reviewed dietary guidelines for those with familial hypercholesterolemia and failed to find any evidence supporting a low saturated fat diet. They concluded that following a low-carbohydrate diet is a more effective dietary strategy for this group of patients.
BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, July 2020

Diet: High-Fiber Diet May Benefit Kidney Function.
An analysis of blood samples and dietary information regarding 468 adults suggests that high fiber intake is associated with better renal function.
BMC Nephrology, July 2020

Exercise: Weightlifting Strengthens the Nervous System.
The reticulospinal tract descends from the spinal cord from the brain and is mainly involved in locomotion and postural control. In a recent study, researchers observed that strength training can increase the response of the reticulospinal tract, which may be one way lifting weights improves athletic performance.
Journal of Neuroscience, June 2020

Chiropractic: Seat Incline and Spinal Alignment.
Photographic analysis of twenty healthy volunteers using a variety of seat orientations revealed that a forward sloped seat is superior to both a flat and backward sloped seat for maintaining neutral spinal alignment and reducing forward head posture. The findings suggest a forward inclined seat pan may reduce an individual’s risk for developing spinal pain.
Medicine, July 2020

Mental Attitude: Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, and Dementia.
Using data from the Korean Health Screening Cohort, researchers report that type 2 diabetics with a sleep disorder have a 46% higher risk for dementia than those without a sleep disorder.
Journal of Diabetes, July 2020

Wellness/Prevention: Exercise Benefits Sleep.
Questionnaires completed by 114 healthy middle-aged women revealed that those who regularly partake in aerobic exercise are more likely to both sleep at least seven hours a night and to awaken in the morning feeling rested.
Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness, July 2020

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