Weekly Health Update #455

Health Alert: Disrupted Sleep Presents Health Risks. 
An analysis of eleven years of data concerning over 8,000 adults revealed an association between sleep disorders and poor cardiovascular health, particularly in women. 
European Heart Journal, April 2021 

Diet: Diet May Be Important for Long-Term Survival in Breast Cancer Patients. 
Among a group of 3,660 female breast cancer patients, researchers observed that a healthy eating pattern, such as the Mediterranean diet or the DASH diet, was associated with up to a 27% reduced risk of death during the following decade. 
JNCI Cancer Spectrum, March 2021 

Exercise: Age Should Not Be a Barrier to Keeping Fit. 
According to researchers, the belief that it takes longer for muscles to recover from working out as you age is based on little, if any, evidence. In fact, researcher Dr. John Fernandes notes, “[More] than half of the available studies have noted that older males experience similar, and even less severe, symptoms of muscle damage than their younger counterparts.” 
Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, April 2021 

Chiropractic: Excessive Screen Time Linked to Spinal Pain in Kids. 
Using data from the Danish National Birth Cohort concerning 45,555 pre-adolescents, researchers report that kids who spend six or more hours per day using electronic devices are two times more likely to experience severe spinal pain than their more active peers. The findings suggest that reducing screen time and increasing physical activity levels in children may protect them from spinal pain during childhood. 
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, April 2021 

Mental Attitude: TBI Increases Long-Term Risk of Stroke. 
A review of 18 studies found that traumatic brain injury (TBI) may elevate an individual’s risk for stroke over the following five years by up to 86%. 
International Journal of Stroke, April 2021 

Wellness/Prevention: Tips to Prevent Athletes Foot. 
Constant burning and itching between the toes are a sure sign of athlete’s foot. To avoid this common fungal infection, keep your feet dry, wash your feet daily, wear shower shoes or flip flops, and use foot powder, when appropriate. 
PIH Health, April 2021

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