Weekly Health Update #505

Health Alert: Vaping Increases Annual Healthcare Costs. 
The University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing reports that annual healthcare costs for vape users are more than $2,000 higher than non-tobacco users. Lead study author Dr. Yingning Wang writes, “Healthcare costs attributable to e-cigarette use are already greater than our estimates of healthcare costs attributable to cigar and smokeless tobacco use…This is a concerning finding, given that e-cigarettes are a relatively new product whose impact is likely to increase over time.” 
Tobacco Control, May 2022

Diet: Omega-3s and Post-Surgical Recovery. 
A systematic review that included ten studies found that for gastrointestinal (GI) cancer patients undergoing surgery, a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids is associated with less inflammation following surgery and a shorter hospital stay. 
Food Chemistry, Molecular Sciences, March 2022

Exercise: Outdoor Fitness Ideas. 
Experts from the American Fitness Professionals and Associates list the following ways to get fit outside during summer: try paddleboarding, go hiking, take a bike ride, play beach volleyball, go trail running, do some high-intensity interval training at the track, try outdoor yoga, strength train at the park with body weight exercises, go swimming, or join an outdoor fitness class. 
American Fitness Professionals and Associates, May 2022

Chiropractic: Recommendations for Acute Cervical Radiculopathy. 
An expert panel concluded that because the risk-benefit ratio for surgery is less favorable for cervical radiculopathy, conservative treatment options (like chiropractic care) should be the initial treatment approach for the condition. The panel recommends patient education, spinal manipulative therapy, and foraminal opening exercises in the acute stage; individualized physical activity including supervised motor control, specific exercises, and/or neurodynamic mobilization in the subacute stage; and general aerobic exercise, focused strength training, and postural and ergonomic education in the chronic stage. 
Physical Therapy, May 2022 

Mental Attitude: Insomnia in Midlife Can Spell Memory Issues in Retirement. 
University of Helsinki researchers report that individuals with long-term insomnia symptoms in midlife are more likely to experience difficulties with memory, learning, and concentration during old age. Researcher Dr. Tea Lallukka adds, “Based on our findings, early intervention tackling insomnia symptoms, or measures aimed at improving the quality of sleep would be justified.” 
Journal of Aging and Health, May 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Smoke Detector Management. 
The American Red Cross offers the following tips for installing smoke detectors in the home: mount smoke alarms throughout the house, including bedrooms, and hallways outside bedrooms; make sure children know what a smoke detector sounds like and what to do if they hear one; perform monthly tests on the alarms; change batteries annually; replace smoke detectors every ten years; and never turn off a smoke detector. 
American Red Cross, May 2022

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