Weekly Health Update #510

Health Alert: Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke Linked to Cervical Cancer Risk. 
Third-hand smoke is the invisible remnant of tobacco smoke that clings to surfaces. An analysis of data from the China Kadoorie Biobank study found that women with frequent exposure to either second-hand or third-hand smoke had a 22-24% increased risk for cervical cancer over the following decade when compared with their peers with less exposure to cigarette use. 
Environmental Research, September 2022

Diet: Eat the Rainbow. 
The carotenoids, flavonoids, betalains, and chlorophylls that give color to various fruit and vegetables are known to confer health benefits when part of one’s diet. An analysis of data from 86 studies with more than 37 million participants found the 42% of the health benefits associated with consuming fruit and vegetables are derived from these bioactive compounds and that individuals should strive to eat produce that’s red, orange, yellow, white, purple, blue, and green. 
Molecules, June 2022

Exercise: Exercise at Work. 
If your workplace includes access to a gym, the American Council on Exercise offers the following recommendations: schedule exercise on your daily calendar; pack workout clothes and get to work early, if needed; bring toiletries if the gym has showers; ask a co-worker to exercise with you; and keep a fresh change of work clothes at your desk, if needed. 
American Council on Exercise, June 2022

Chiropractic: Low Back Pain in Working Adults. 
Questionnaires completed by working-age adults not currently under care for low back pain revealed that 46.5% currently had some degree of low back pain and 72.3% presently experienced some level of low back-related disability. The findings reveal that many non-care-seeking workers have low back pain and/or disability, which suggests that some level of pain and disability could be considered normal, acceptable, or manageable. Chiropractic care offers a conservative treatment approach for the management of low back pain and/or disability. 
Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, August 2022 

Mental Attitude: Vitamin D May Help Prevent to Dementia. 
According to a recent study, low vitamin D status may be a risk factor for dementia and up to 17% of dementia cases could be prevented by increasing vitamin D levels to 50 nmol/L. 
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, April 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Wellness Visits Help Prevents Diabetes Amputation. 
New research finds that elderly type 2 diabetics who make annual wellness visits have a 36% reduced risk for major lower-extremity amputations. 
University of Virginia, June 2022

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