Weekly Health Update #549

Health Alert: Postpartum Check-Up Offers a Great Opportunity to Talk Heart Health. 
Researchers report that only 60% of women at elevated risk for heart disease receive counseling about healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss during their postpartum “fourth trimester” check-up appointment. Study author Dr. Sadiya Khan adds, “We need to find ways to take advantage of this prime opportunity when we have a captive audience of people who are already in the doctor’s office, talking about their health at a critical juncture in life. It is hard to create new opportunities. The fourth-trimester visit is an already-ready moment to prioritize maternal heart health.” 
Journal of the American Medical Association, July 2023

Diet: Backyard Cookouts Don’t Have to Be Unhealthy.
To help make summer backyard get-together fare healthier, UT Southwestern Medical Center offers the following tips: swap out fried shells for corn tortillas; remove the skin and bake or grill wings; use vinegar-base sauces; add a salad to your plate; and opt for leaner cuts of meat. 
UT Southwestern Medical Center, July 2023

Exercise: Kidney Patients Benefit from Workouts. 
Technical University of Munich report that among a group of 1,000 kidney dialysis patients, those who participated in a one-year combined aerobic and strength training fitness program experienced significant improvements in health, quality of life, and autonomy, along with less frequent and shorter hospital stays. 
NEJM Evidence, June 2023

Chiropractic: Whiplash-Associated Headaches Are Common. 
A literature review that included 26 studies found that headaches are a common complaint after whiplash injury and are associated with higher levels of disability. Doctors of chiropractic are trained in the evaluation and management of patients with whiplash injuries, including whiplash-associated headaches. 
Musculoskeletal Science & Practice, June 2023 

Mental Attitude: Pets May Not Help Patients with Severe Mental Illness. 
While pets are often considered beneficial for their owner’s mental health, a recent study found that pet ownership may not enhance wellbeing or improve depression, anxiety, or loneliness in individuals with bipolar disorder or psychosis. 
Human-Animal Interactions, July 2023

Wellness/Prevention: Good Diabetes Management Can Reduce Heart Attack Risks. 
Using Taiwan’s Longitudinal Cohort of Diabetes Patient Database, researchers found that type 2 diabetics who do a better job at managing the disease—getting regular check-ups and maintain healthy blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood lipid levels—were up to 63% less likely to suffer a heart attack in the next decade. 
World Journal of Diabetes, July 2023

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