Weekly Health Update #483

Health Alert: Marijuana May Interrupt Sleep. 
An analysis of data from the United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that marijuana users are 34% more likely to experience insufficient sleep and 56% more likely to report sleeping too much. Senior study author Dr. Karim Ladha writes, “I think [the results] were somewhat surprising because, in our mind, anecdotally cannabis seems to help with sleep, but … the evidence to support that notion is just not there yet.” 
Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, December 2021

Diet: Low Protein Intake Linked to Lower Muscle Mass in Older Women. 
Examinations of 164 older women revealed a relationship between failure to consume adequate amounts of protein and an increased risk for sarcopenia, a disease associated with the loss of skeletal muscle mass during the aging process that elevates the risk for falls, functional decline, frailty, and early death. 
Nutrición Hospitalaria, December 2021

Exercise: Regular Exercise Reduces Risk of Pneumonia. 
The current research suggests that individuals who regularly exercise may have both a reduced risk for developing pneumonia and for death from pneumonia should they develop the condition. 
GeroScience, November 2021

Chiropractic: Sagittal Misalignment Linked to Back-Related Disability. 
An evaluation of x-rays of 343 adults with low back pain revealed that those with a greater degree of sagittal (from the side) misalignment between the legs, pelvis, and lower back were more likely to report higher levels of low back pain and disability. 
Journal of Orthopedic Science, November 2021 

Mental Attitude: Hearing Loss is a Risk Factor for Dementia. 
Following an analysis of data from the New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System from 2007-2017, researchers report that hearing loss can increase an individual’s risk for dementia by up to 63%. 
Otology & Neurotology, January 2022

Wellness/Prevention: Avoiding the Common Cold. 
The Cleveland Clinic offers the following tips to reduce one’s risk for the common cold: wash your hands regularly; avoid touching your face; clean frequently used surfaces; strengthen your immune system by getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating a healthy diet; and stay home when sick to avoid spreading a cold. 
Cleveland Clinic, November 2021

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