Weekly Health Update #484

Health Alert: Air Pollution Increases Gestational Diabetes Risk. 
Using data from the Born in Guangzhou Cohort Study, researchers report that increased exposure to air pollutants in the six months before pregnancy and during the first trimester elevate the risk for gestational diabetes mellitus by as much as 30%. 
Environmental Research, March 2022

Diet: Magnesium Is Important. 
Magnesium is vital for regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and for making protein, bone, and DNA. The current research suggests that most American adults do not consume adequate amounts of magnesium in their diet. Dietary sources of magnesium include legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals and other fortified foods, milk, yogurt, and some other milk products. 
National Institutes of Health, December 2021

Exercise: Exercising During Mid-Life May Pay Dividends Later. 
Examinations of physically active middle-aged adults revealed they had more elastic arteries than their sedentary peers and the flexibility of their arteries was comparable to those of physically active young adults. The findings are important because arterial stiffness is linked to a greater risk of stroke and dementia risk later in life. 
Journal of Applied Physiology, November 2021

Chiropractic: Low Back Pain Linked to Falls and Collisions in Older Adults. 
A study that included 1,127 older adults found that those with persistent low back pain were more likely to either experience a serious fall or be involved in a motor vehicle collision in the following 15 years. 
Journal of Applied Gerontology, November 2021 

Mental Attitude: Higher Heart Rate Linked to Greater Risk of Dementia. 
New research suggests that older adults with a resting heart rate above 80 beats per minute (bpm) have a 55% higher risk for developing dementia over the following twelve years than seniors with a resting heart rate between 60 to 69 bpm. 
Alzheimer’s & Dementia, December 2021

Wellness/Prevention: Ads for Healthy Eating Work on Kids. 
New research suggests that if children are exposed to advertising that promotes healthy eating, they are more likely to meet daily recommendations for fruit, vegetable, and whole grain intake. 
Appetite, January 2022

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