Leg Pain And Numbness Treatment

If you’ve ever experienced leg pain or numbness, you might be suffering from neuropathy. This is an abnormal and degenerative condition that affects the nerves in your legs and restricts the circulation of blood. The pain you experience in your legs and feet can range from a light tingling to more severe pains, such as burning or prickling. In some cases your legs will become very sensitive when touched, or you can even have difficulties with coordination and balancing yourself. These conditions can become so unbearable that people will try anything to help stop the pain—visiting doctor after doctor, taking expensive and experimental drugs, or even subjecting themselves to surgery.

Here at Lean Healthy Life, we know that having extreme leg pains can make you feel desperate, and that’s why we’re committed to finding a safe, natural cure that can help you in your unique situation. Dr. Eric Lane has years of experience with helping patients overcome their neuropathic leg pain, and that’s why he’s become one of the most trusted names around when it comes to this condition. Below is a short explanation of what can cause leg pain and numbness and what you can do to treat it.

Leg Pains and Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a collection of disorders that affect the peripheral nerves in your legs and feet, and can be caused by a number of different factors including exposure to harmful environmental toxins, infection, a traumatic leg injury, or diabetes, which is the most common reason.

When people speak of the leg pain associated with neuropathy, it is normally described as either a tingling or burning sensation; however, numbness is also another common experience. There isn’t any real way to determine how long your leg pain will last, but it has been known to lessen over time. You are at a higher risk of neuropathic leg pain if you have diabetes, receive an organ transplant, or have contracted an autoimmune disease such as lupus.

What Can Be Done About Leg Pain?

Before we can effectively treat your leg pain and numbness, we must first determine what exactly is causing it. When you choose conventional medicine to treat leg pain, the primary goal is to reduce your symptoms through either prescription drugs or risky surgeries; however, this isn’t necessarily the best way to go about things. Obviously, these treatments can help relieve symptoms, but they are more of a quick fix that is merely suppressing the disease instead of eliminating it.

When you come to the Lane DC with concerns about your leg pains, we won’t try to single out your symptoms and treat them individually, but rather, we will work to find an approach that integrates your entire body—a natural and holistic treatment that relieves your symptoms by removing the cause. Dr. Lane has been helping others manage and reduce leg pain for years now, and he’s sure to find a way to help you as well. Call (520) 742-7785 or send an email to support@leanhealthylife.com to schedule your leg pain and numbness consultation today.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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