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Nutrition and chiropractic care can actually mix together to form a lethal combination against most forms of pains, strains, muscular damages, strains and other anomalies. If you have been having trouble falling asleep or you just have been feeling pains in general, you might just need chiropractic care treatments administered by Dr. Eric A. Lane. Our chiropractic care treatments can actually improve sleep by correcting imbalances in your body. Embracing nutrition as a technique of chiropractic care will also release any tension and stress that you may be experiencing. It can get rid of any pains that you are feeling and more so make you feel better.

So, why would I be feeling pain in the first place?Too much stress – sometimes, you may feel stressed because of pressure in your work and life in general. And while there are many effective reliefs for stress out there (going for massage from time to time may actually help) stress that extends to long periods of time can actually lead to imbalances in your body and thus pain.

Misalignment of the spine and other body parts – posture is normally one of the reasons why the spine accidentally becomes misaligned. Spine misalignments are known to cause a whole lot of pains, including muscle and neck pain. Chiropractic treatments will help realign the spine.

Accidents are always unexpected, but they do happen. When accidents happen, people are sometimes strongly affected. Pain in various areas is one of the results of these accidents.

Nutrition is an important part of any chiropractic attempt to get rid of any pains, stress or imbalances that you may be having in your body. Whether you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, sports injury or any other condition that can best be addressed through chiropractic treatment, there are many reasons why you should follow a nutrition regimen that aids relieve pains and more so help muscles recover. Here are just to name a few:

Antioxidants – for instance, if you have been exercising a lot, and are suffering from aches and pains of having overdone it at the gym, foods rich in antioxidants such as blueberries and other commonly available berries will help mop up additional free radicals and more so ward off muscular fatigue and pain. Other rich sources of antioxidants include soy proteins, which additionally contain isoflavones, saponins, and copper.

Anti-inflammatory Nutrition – studies have well demonstrated that foods that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties such as tart cherries & pomegranates reduce stress induced muscle damage and pains. Essentially, they act like anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin! Ginger is also rich in inflammation-fighting compounds, including ginerols, which reduce aches of osteoarthritis, and more so soothe muscle soreness.

At the Dr. Eric A. Lane Center, nutrition takes an important part of our consultation sessions. We recommend the right nutrition to help you get better as we offer our services to relieve your pains. By adopting to the right nutrition, you help us take care of you better and more effectively.

Dr. Eric A. Lane

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